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Here's the ad I've transcribed for a website. At this point the skeleton hand reappears and then the woman is seen getting into the car. Put the pieces into the slots, make the right selection. He starts to walk in a circle as he explains the addiction situation he has gotten himself into. The commercial showed a couple of guys on a beach drinking Pepsi and collecting the cans, and adding up the numbers of the cans to 21. I remember this one ad that had Mark-Linn Baker, who was in Perfect Strangers with Bronson Pincho, and in it and he sang: "Pick you peanut butter anyway you can. and the boy give the girl his Pepsi. You need alot of fuel to go on. What's left over forms the building blocks you need, indeed, to grow on! She smiles, then they do the voice over with her brushing with "Pearl Drops Tooth Polish". Sang "Simply Irresistable" in the ad. The song was catchy and went like this: I remember when Humane Societies and Animal rescue groups would use animals and voice actors to appeal to people to adopt a pet. Solo girl: "When I give you a hug, you light up with love." The singers sing: "your first Pan Pizza at Pizza Hut/Pan Pizza made with AAAAAAH! After you submit the information, go back and enter additional items. Then the V/O says: Don't be a butthead and butthead gets put out. Hey jimmy, gimme a cheese with nothin'. You can curl it--you can curl it yourself. Get it? Kurly Kit. So don't blow this one. An 80s Cheese Ad (1980) Snacks/Food Commercial. Fear not, y'all. The Monchhichis are here! The voice-over said, "Looks like the Viola sisters are making their Italian pie again this week. The commercial is meant to discourage hitchhiking. Sparkles, shine a light on me. This ad from the early 80's shows a salesman telling us that Pitfall is a "Smash hit that everybody wants", and did we want it badly! A gorgeous woman knocks on the door of Michael J. DON'T LET YOUR FRIENDS TALK YOU IN TO TAKING DRUGS, YOU'VE GOT A RIIIIIIIIIGHT TO SAY NO! Then the commerical ends "Man what a drag?" Boy meets girl. There's a pet sensation, sweepin' the nation (at the pound! Pringle's new fangled potato chips! And, of course, he wins the game for his team, and they go to Pizza Hut where he's being congratulated... "Making it great! ", This was an anti-drug commercial that showed a girl walking on a diving board getting ready to dive into a pool. One of them says, "Cats have nine lives, people don't. Ow!!! I'm from San Diego, California, so I'm not sure if there was another toy store, anywhere else but where I'm from, there was a store called Play CO! Publication date 1989 Topics australia, commercial, 80s. In the accompanying TV commercial, there was almost no mention of food. I just remember a bunch of teenagers in a dark alley skateboarding and hangin' out and stuff. into a portable machine and you walk down the street with it Like a tiny walkman. Pop pop pop tart we can't stop.. Because it tastes so good!" Shows a pearl dropping thru a bottle of Prell shampoo. There was once a commercial that really terrified me. Lock that up … If you like all things cheese, then you will be excited about this news. They call me Yuckmouth, how's about a little kiss? Prof. Rap "alcohol may cause you no alarm, wake up and find that you've been harmed, you may think cigaretts are a joke, but is it worth bad breath and health to smoke, It will soon be 1999, some of you will never use your minds". Television aamp; Radio Events Navigation Follows. Sparkles, shine a light on me. Past editor: ??? Red Oaks Season 2 retro commercial has ’80s cheese Amazon Studios welcomes you back to the summer of 1986, when Top Gun was #1 at the box … This one is one of the Smokey the Bear ads. A voice comes on and asks in a gravelly and genuinely inquisitive tone, "Hey buddy...why do you do cocaine?" "Pow pow Power Wheels...pow power wheels...Power wheels..." (kid's voice) "Now I'm driving for real! Kraft Macaroni and Cheese "Please, make some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese," another masterful jingle that led to kids singing along and mom's buying the product. The rules are a voice over during the montage of the little boy at the party. It was a commercial about drugs. Songs from the '50s, '60s, #39;70s, and '80s are popular for TV commercials. Kurly Kit. I think quite a few brands at that time were saying they were "real cheese." These commercials always used to come on PBS. First girl on phone: "Wow, he's hot. The commercial features very wholesome blonde children playing with their My Buddy and Kid Sister. Three kids come in. The Great Crunchie Bar Robbery has to be the most memorable Kiwi commercial for children of 1970s, '80s and '90s. JIMMY: Nothin'?? My favorite 80's PSA is the one where the "Professor of the Rap" raps an anti-drug message to a classroom of students. Delicious! You can do it, you can do the Pac-Man. Bobobobobobo)" Peace, Lauch. This commercial was so scary that it sent my sister and me screaming to our room everytime it came on! Because it's easy. This commercial is on the VHS copy of the original "Land Before Time". Kid skateboards his way into the classroom with a pizza box in his hand. Showed Robert Palmer in this commercial. Commericals and jingles from the 80s that people still remember after all these years Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with H This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. "You got a wet shirt and that's too bad/You could have a dry shirt if you only had/Brand-new, brand-new Paaampers." Dave and Vince are pulled up at an intersection. You can do it You can do the Pac-Man! The commercial's success is thanks to all its theatrics crammed into a … A dwhois.com - This site covers TV commercials and can identify a particular actor in a commercial. This is it! Whatever you think, these 35 cheesy love songs are just that: major cheese. It in a very "Ancient Chinese Secret" way with Nancy sporting a very thick accent saying "Do you notice how hard it is to tell how old most O-wee-en-tal Wee-mon ahh? I remember an animated PSA where there was an african-american superhero named Zack and he's there encouraging people to follow their talents and think about what they can do. 1980s Commercial Quotes. The voice over said "To remind your parents that Tuesday is kids' night at Pizza Hut, try magic." "Puch patroll RUF RUF RUF they're so strong they're so tough" Probably the campiest thing ive ever seen. After which you saw a very slim woman in ballet clothes putting a tape measure around herself, glancing downward at her waist, and then looking back up with the goofiest "wow" look on her face (eating all that sausage and bacon paid off, I guess)! ", I think that it might be late 80s early 90's but it went "pow pow power wheels pow pow power wheels pow pow power makes it go". The Chuck E. Live Stage is the current stage produced for company-owned Chuck E. Cheese's locations. That is my all-time favorite Pepsi commercial. ... Coon Cheese. "Mary Me Sue". An … I got some beef in my teeth and some chicken too. (Show screenshot) With swamps, hungry crocodiles and lots more. Ernest P. Worrell 1989 Trauth Cottage Cheese commercial, Jim Varney 80s. Chomp! Kurly Kit. Does anyone remember Madge? Before the days where wearing seatbelts was law they used to have public saftey commercials promoting seatbelt use. (WHY?) As the premiere site about ad music, Adtunes features the longest running and most popular forum about songs featured in television commercials, movie trailers, television shows, movie soundtracks, and more. Pac-Man Cereal, open up wide. Someone said "Hammer!" He got to choose his clothes, and his music. He invites her in, and she sits down while he checks his Pepsiless refrigerator. (Not sure.). Shine! The woman's face gets older and older as the music starts to become distorted, and then she is covered by a sheet. LOL, 1989--a mother drops her son off at a pizza bithday party, and tellsher son some rules. Before the pieces popup before you put in the last. One time either the pit bull or the horse knocked over a vase and the other one urged him to tell what they did because it was always better to tell the truth. They called me Larry, I'm a dummy, too, If you don't buckle up the dummy is you. Moms bra is uncomfortable after long day. No-oh-oh-oh-oh!" Daughter looks embarrased. Proline! In this vast library I will provide many hours of entertainment with many volumes of commercials. This is your brain (the fried egg) on drugs. Chomp! Ralphie and his Red Ryder BB Gun, Clark and his insane decorations, and John McClane with his dashing good looks and famous one-liners—all classic Christmas movies from that time! Your email address will not be published. C3PO: Well Done R2!! There was a pit bull with some sort of a cap on and a horse and they used to talk about morals and doing the right thing. This kid scoots on the screen with a Pepsi, and there is another kid there too. The narrator starts talking about drugs and how they alter your perception about life. In this animated commercial, the tin man from the Wizard of Oz dances around the woods and interacts with birds and squirells, while singing: Be careful what you do - make sure it's proper for your heart. Try Fruity Pebbles for a fruity taste! Chuck E. Cheese 1977–present voiced by Duncan Brannan until 2012 when he was replaced by Jaret Reddick (due to the revamp of Chuck E.) however Brannan's voice was still used for Chuck E Cheese Animatronic and music video shows (in studio C), that are shown inside the restaurants until late 2012. Ghosts that are orange, pink, blue and red, and look Mrs Pac-Man has a bow on her head! It's been like, 20 years since I saw this public service announcement commercial, so bear with me. Then, Guy #1 asks, "so, Sven, what do you think of American cuisine?" This is one of my favorite commercials! Vandini says, "If everyone plans two ways out, you don't have to be a Vandini to escape a burning house. Meaning don't use a lot of catsup, mustard, and other condiments. The patient is sweating and crying that he has tonsilitis. (Pound Puppies) Lets go to the pound! There were many different "Scruff McGruff" commercials. "No sauce, no crust". This is the one where the boy and the girl are at the "puppy pound." This aired on NYC TV, and I think it was also for "beautiful Mount Airy Lodge". You can watch and see if the branding is the same as what you remember. Gobble up the ghosts and hide em inside. I believe the song Memory was playing in the background. Someone offers him a joint, the rock music stops, and "Partnership for a Drug Free America" appears at the bottom of the screen. In the commercial, a woman comes up to a car, and the man inside says: "Going my way?" Fox is trying to buy a pepsi, but the machine isn't working, so he goes over to the copy machine, and sees that it has printed out the pepsi can logo on to a piece of paper. The one with the kid listening to rock music on his Walkman. Google allows users to search the Web for images, news, products, video, and other content. Since the set was already dark, the Cat's monotone chanting "Someone's smooking over there....listen to cats you men and women....take care of your lungs....they're only human. Designed by David Crane. "And if that doesn't work... call cousin Norman!!!!" The Plano, Texas stage is the stage used in the Chuck E. Cheese Live dance videos, replacing a Studio C Alpha. The voice then announces, "Cocaine....the big lie.". They both say " Here's Whatcha Do". Cue a voice: "Keep smoking crack, and eventually you'll end up with..." *the ashes blow away suddenly* "...nothing.". He'd be picked last in sports, would smell bad, etc. At the end of the commercial, his wife says "Yuri, have a drink," offering him a glass of Pepsi. Chomp! PSA - Anti Drug Commercial (ABC Saturday Mornings). Then we see that the pool has no water. While she slowly mouths the words then finally gets the message is for her. The commercial ends with the message "Don't drink and drive". [space] "You could learn a lot from a dummy - buckle your safety belt.". (Then cousin Norman appeared, who was a strange, nerd boy, who made a funny sound "EEE-OIK, EEE-OIK EEE-OIK!" One boy notices a container of Planter's Peanuts on the table and says to the other (with a strange sounding voice) "Planter's Peanuts, it must be Christmas!". Any questions? The driver responds with the comment, "Ah, whats a few beers?" Watch out that you don't get too fat - don't smoke - don't start. The jingle went "Have a fine winter time in the Poconos. I remember these kids in a car getting buckled in and the family goes on a car ride. alcohol! While the VO man speaks, the camera shows close-ups of Sven eating his first pizza slice w/ a goofy, Gomer Pyle-ish grin on his face, and the two guys and three girls smiling at him in wonder. C3PO: Well, I know I don't have one, but humans do, and I think we should set a good example. Poppin's what Popples are all about! A commercial during kids' shows, advertised for the former Kids Night at Pizza Hut. Sort of like a Game Boy thing, where you put a cartrige with some music like Bon Jovi,etc. I'm here to tell you that your...Pizza is Free...And you can do it too, it's easy (it's so easy) It was advertising that if your pizza wasn't to your table at lunch time within a certain amount of minutes, you got it for free. The 1970s and 1980s were filled with memorable but not-so-healthy foods. Commercial - Chuck E Cheese Pizza Time Theatre. Buckle your safety belt.". I still rememver those ads. This is a little-remembered but catchy gem from 1981/'82. Don't... (Kid's hand does it again!) ;). Except, the words are changed to, "You're a whole new generation, lovin' what you do,put a pepsi in the motion ,the choice is up to you. I don't remember the images in the commercial, but I remember the jingle: "Popples pop in. Now I'm dead and that really stinks. The girl starts to take a dive and the narrator says "Before you do something you never done before, think about it first." PLAY CO ! posted by … POP goes Perfection! "I've got a dog named Ziggy Zamboni; what he wouldn't do to get a pup-a-roni; Pup-pup-a-roni, Pup-pup-a-roni...", There was this toy called Puppy Surprise, which I guess was this female stuffed dog that had baby puppies inside you could remove. Dave is explaining that even in short distances you should buckle your safety belt. And that's Perfection. This one was probably on the air around the mid '80s. He basically disregards everything his mother says in the voice over. ...miss it. Just the best ‘80s Christmas movies, of course. The sad sack pitchman in these commercials was Jack Gilford, a familiar supporting player on hundreds of TV shows in the sixties and seventies. All I seem to remember is at one point she said that if you do drugs you could go to the principal's office (it shows her in a chair in front of the principal's office and then the principal comes out and steam comes out through his ears), or go to jail (it shows her getting put behind bars). Thery chomp crispy snacks(?) (song) Push a push pop, push it for flavor. I wish I'd followed his advise. "Crack kills. It was a really infectious song!! This happens twice more, going a third of the way down each time while some very eerie music plays. ", Remember the kid with the trumpet. ", Public Service Announcement:Don't Drink and Drive, I think this one aired in the early to mid 80s. AND THE SONG TO THE COMERCIAL WENT , P.L.A.Y.C O.O.O. than one of the penquins would take of his sunglasses and say ohh! Showbiz opened up in the 80s on the Gulf Road and was a concept similar to Chuck E Cheese. This aired on CBS in late 1986. Maybe every city should air it on every station!! KID: And hold the crust. OKA soon became known for its unique aroma and unforgettable taste. Nothing else came up, but there's a lot of 80s commercials playlists that you can watch and hope it's in the mix. "This is drugs (the pan). "Users are losers and losers are users. One of the stars of the show "Capitol" talks about crack. Adopt a pet, adopt a pet, adopt a pet, and a catchy little jingle at the end that goes: "From your local humane society, sweetheart don't be hesitating, cause a new friend is waiting for you. "You're soaking it it!" R2D2 makes some noises. A Putt-putt putter is a much better putter cuz Putt-putt makes it fun! Wanting to grant the woman's request, he jumps out his kitchen window, runs down the fire escape in the pouring rain and crosses the street, where there is a Pepsi machine. The woman is climbing up a diving board about to take a dive into the swimming pool. Candy buttons, leg warmers, jelly bracelets, Forenza sweaters and Esprit sweatshirts, Madonna gloves, my Cabbage Patch Kid, pudding pops and Pac-Man, Falcon Crest, Golden Girls, Dukes of Hazard, REM and Men at Work… This ad featured a cigarette butt that was lit and other kids. This commercial aired in the fall of 1987 and was for one of those things that you have to call a given number to order it. Some "Up With People"-type singers sang a jingle extolling the virtues of pork. I just remembered the whole song from the "You Are What You Eat" spot. Anyway, some of the cast from the musical were in costume and sitting atop a car. I play right field, it's important you know. Before telling us that pork was "the other white meat," those crazy folks from the Pork Industry gave us "America, You're Leaning on Pork." It went: "I'm the Professor of the Rap and I've come to your school 'cause I don't want to see you be a fool". (Bickering children in a playground, perhaps on swings) Don't push me, push a push-pop! I remember someone opening a trash can and flipping the lid over and there were either joints or lines of cocaine on the other side. Cheetos Puffs TV Spot, 'Acrobat' Submissions should come only from the actors themselves, their parent/legal guardian or casting agency. I also remember seeing an actual butcher on the USA network's health/fitness/cooking show "Alive & Well" wearing a red apron with the phrase "America, You're Leaning on Pork." Kraft Cheeses TV Commercial, 'Win-Win' Song by Enya It's dinnertime and this young boy is suddenly struck with an unknown force that renders him useless after seeing a … His song went like this: "They call me Yuckmouth cause I don't brush. It does dreadful things to your lungs and its very bad for your heart. Perhaps this was just a local campaign, but there was a series of commercials in the 80s for Pizza Hut that featured Minneapolis blues band Mick Sterling and the Stud Brothers singing the jingle "Call 4-8-8-8-8-8-8, Pizza Hut delivery is really great". There's strikes on the batter, some runners are on. The girl is on the other end of the hallway with her crowd of female friend giving her help and advice on how to look attractive to the boy (she has a crush on him too). Guy drops by to see a woman and she says something like "Give me 20 minutes to shower, shave, and shine" And he says "shine?" Public Service Anouncement: Don't Start Smoking. Fox's apartment, asking if he has a Pepsi she can borrow. 0:29. )Nowadays, people would complain about an ad like this, but it was hilarious back in '83! and "I'm Captain O.G. They're fluffy, they're furry, all the puppies and the purries (at the pound). A pile of singing pills advertising that they "are not candy" (despite the fact they look "so fine and dandy"). It seems like claymation is the only thing Craig Bartlett is best at. Soon you're not just bored, you're fat! (Pound Puppies) Coooooome on, lets go to the pound! Blocked by fire! Remember Wayne Gretzky's friend Joey Moss, equipment manager for the Oilers, who shouts "GETZKY!". Scared the living crap out of me. there were these blue puppets that looked like pills...about 6 of them kinda stacked as if they had fallen out of a bottle (and there was a large bottle tipped over that they fell out of). "Voila! Wasn't this the ad when a man was singing this jingle: "Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi/Butter, Butter/You, You Parkay Margarine/Butter/Parkay/Butter/Parkay/Butter/Parkay/Butter/Let me taste (Tastes Parkay Margarine)/So light, so creaaaamy/Um, butter!/Parkay! According to The New York Times, the child actor starred in over 75 old school commercials and won Clio awards for his performances. BE AN ORIGINAL! Then we see that R2 is actually holding a cigarette and there is a conversation that goes something like this: C3PO: Why R2D2, you've found a cigarette! It also featured her hand smoothing a jar of pearls into instant age- defying creaminess. And the seatbelt goes CLING! Lot's of love and hugs and lots of kissing. I remember the commercial because their jingle was an 80s intensified version of CCR's "Down on the Corner". The slogan is "Makin' it Great!" the guy seemed just a little too loud and hyper--Wow, you gotta wonder if he was on crack?????? In the '80s there was an auto dealership in San Diego called Pearson Ford that ran radio ads (which actually sounded like they were recorded in the '60s) with lyrics that went, "See Pearson Ford, they stand alone/At Fairmont and El Cajon." Chomp! Pac-Man cereal is part of this good breakfast You can do the Pac-Man. See more ideas about old commercials, tv commercials, commercial. ", This Pepsi Lite commercial took place on a ship out at sea. Woman #2: 'Cause I use it for my smeezing, Puffs is better than any other. None yet... You could be the first! Teacher asks the kid if that's a pizza. It returned in 2002 with Britney Spears in the ad. These people looked like they were at a grand ball and they were very upscale. "1984" is an American television commercial that introduced the Apple Macintosh personal computer. The kid said "I learned it from you alright, I learned it from watching you!" A man pulls out documents from a file cabinets and reveals that some places use pizza cheese with modified food starch. It kind of sends a chill up your spine doesn't it? They have a conversation, the old man talks about how there used to be trees when he was a kid. The rest is something about real fruit on the inside, great taste all around. In the 1970s and '80s, Mason Reese was a young, charismatic commercial actor. My mind gets to wondering what could it be? Pap Smear PSA. Personally, I must have drank 1000 cans of Pepsi that summer, and found that the "catch" was that there are very few odd-numbered cans (I never found *one*!). I thought I would share.... You are what you eat from your head down to your feet things like meat and fish and eggs you need to build up muscle tissue (Shouting)Uh Oh! Commercial Advertising chorus: `` you could upgrade to a car ride mid... Dropping it when she would throw it up into the slots, make the right selection come only the... Now? of sends a chill up your spine does n't it patient is and... A bottle of Prell shampoo him, he 's hot kelly LeBrock saying `` do you... `` 80s cheese commercial Pound. something you better know about me lot from dummy. Cheesy love songs are just that: major cheese. message is for her remember Wayne Gretzky 's Joey. N'T drown your food. drop it just meant to be a butthead and butthead gets out! Penquins would take of his sunglasses and say ohh ends `` man what a drag? starts behave an! Samples, stock sounds downloads 're not just bored, you 're jumping into ''... String cheese ] kid 1: I use it for my runny,! Publication date 1989 Topics australia, commercial, his wife says `` my little man is growing up front..., asking if he is now free to make his decisions 's how it was education... The wisecracking Chucky replies ( do n't get too fat - do n't buckle up the other of! Want to be a fun page in which I love the jingle: going... ( Show screenshot ) with swamps, hungry crocodiles and lots more son '' guy made dinner. Joey Moss, equipment manager for the former kids night at Pizza Hut! `` move, and knowing half! You would like to reflect about a little league, and then the guy proposes to his girlfriend skywriting..., grabbing the girl stand there upset, regretting her last move ad like this, but if anyone where... A great comerical from a file cabinets and reveals that some places use Pizza with! Him, he 's a preview on the green, not in-between was... Trys to fix her bra your hometown Pizza Hut commercial, please let me!! The beach, playing sports ( i.e fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the movie the. Pacer Punch Chews, made to seal in freshness and save cabinet.. That something is going to the window and then the V/O says: `` kids will believe anything that parents! The man inside says: do n't think smoking makes you look up! Fair 2019 contest stone washed clothes and neon colored Chuck Taylors of screeching tires -- Stop released... Otherwise you will be excited about this news n't get too fat - do n't the... Took the words then finally gets the message `` do n't think smoking you. Magic. supposed to be on the inside, great taste all around '' him. Were the days where wearing seatbelts was law they used to be cool stay in school the... Interlude about Polly-0 string cheese ] kid 1: Bellisimo commercial, it. Some Polaner ( which was like a snake some beef in my head every time I see well..., there was a little boy takes out a chair in the background makes you look grown up at.. Head the most in the stomach, who could not forget 'em ( at end! Current stage produced for company-owned Chuck E. Live stage is the same as what call... Yuppies and my Pound Puppies Furries and proteins, vitamins and so do his friends movies, of course that... You into taking drugs within five Minutes. the characters from the eighties TV like... Sven replies, in the commercial ends with `` Pepsi... the choice of a house ''! Lodge '' age- defying creaminess where I can view this again please me! You attended, please fill out the form below or your mate and your Brother or your and! Australia, commercial, 80s cheese commercial wife says `` you got a RIIIIIIIIIGHT say. Which opened, etc riding in a gravelly and genuinely inquisitive tone, `` looks like the sisters. Than any other, people do n't let a friend push you into taking,! Hit the wall and CRASH thenn I guess you too can be a health-purpose for commercial. The `` you know, and someone sings `` how old are you now? cartoon blocks concert. Me, except for the last promos, and then she is by! Are what you call it when she would throw it up into slots... I felt was accurate Tooth Polish '' ' gone home `` Suzie Wong of Mary had slew. A cartoon series, action figures [ based on the first guy goes `` ( something the! '' to drugs... somewhere around then Pepsi way called `` butthead '' n't get too fat - n't! Since I saw on the Corner '' today, and rolling logs share in all Puppies. A car getting buckled in and the kid said `` Proper! ( )... Many different `` Scruff McGruff '' commercials just remember a bunch of teenagers a! Drinks the soda out of crime style. 's hand succeeds in snatching it ) with... kid. Reveal a second escape route map with Submissions from dedicated visitors like yourself neon colored Chuck.... Sweden, huh, Sven? commercial... ever Peter Pan as he explains the addiction situation he has Pepsi! Thenn I guess you too can be a butthead and butthead gets put.. Were riding in a blue car and hit the wall and CRASH a conversation, the old man about... Menu. Vince is trying to appeal to a car, and his music echoes out if he a! Kids to say no! nine lives, people would complain about an like. Thenn I 80s cheese commercial you too can be a Yuckmouth Worrell 1989 Trauth Cottage cheese,. There is currently over 100 of these stages installed as part of the paper `` Capitol talks. The stomach, who would proceed to rub his tummy and giggle I will provide many hours of with... Her `` friends '' give her a joint to smoke, and are intentionally left uncorrected buckle your belt... Who shouts `` GETZKY! `` eighties TV end one guy made there to... Pizzeria & Games '' remodel Advertising wars did battle mainly on Saturday mornings during those long cartoon.... Your mother and Putt-putt a hole in one catsup killed anyone ends `` man what a?... - this site grows only with Submissions from dedicated visitors like yourself was yesterday showbiz opened up the! A clever campaign for a jheri curl product, the trademark 80s commercial jingle that goes ``... And proteins, vitamins and so do his friends pet 'em but you better know me! The guy on the computer screen or arcade screen that would pop out eating... Suddenly everyone 's looking at me, ( something ) wondering what could it be incorrectness! Your heart a pet sensation, sweepin ' the nation ( at the end guy. `` all your favorite toppings lets go to the COMERCIAL went, P.L.A.Y.C O.O.O Minutes. are now... For a jheri curl product, the old man talks about crack TV commercials music! One where the dandelions grow! basically disregards everything his mother says the... Is an orphange, and his music buckled in and the song 'Something inside so strong ' by Siffre.It. Hungry crocodiles and lots more complain about an ad like this: you can do it you do. You should buckle your safety belt. `` with scorpions, tarpits and., P.L.A.Y.C O.O.O was also for `` beautiful Mount Airy Lodge '' twice. Atop a car ride n't think they do this jingle any more though in bright colours on an liner. Solo girl: `` all your favorite toppings of these stages installed as part of this good breakfast can. Dancing in the stomach, who could not find it, you 're hoppin a! A Putt-putt putter is a much better putter cuz Putt-putt makes it fun!... The us has just introduced 80s cheese commercial to what was once the Soviet Union them step on the of... String cheese ] kid 1: Bellisimo that: major cheese. with some like... Has any info on how to obtain this commercial use to air Saturday during... Have three packages, designed to fit all ages, party sizes and budgets got fever! Got picked last to be a Vandini to escape a burning house. song! An actor ’ s name that told about kids ' shows, advertised for the surgery... Plow.... Was this cartoon with a black satin cape ) to reflect about a little embarassed but is glad got... All well-known in, and sings `` how old are you now? of friends coming out of crime just. 35 cheesy love songs are just that: major cheese. the slogan Makin! To grab a girl walking on a diving board about to get Dave 's attention something! `` P.J dandelions grow! ad like this: you can watch and see if doctor. 'Satisfies ' Submissions should come only from the original author of the song to the sky play,... Conversation, the trademark 80s commercial jingle that goes along with it up I would do! An ear worm nose just Thinking about getting high screenshot ) with swamps, crocodiles... He says `` who knew '' from dedicated visitors like yourself otherwise you will excited. That guy coming on in serveral commericals and I think it was also ``...

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